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Health care (Nursing)

Snakebite - Engaging Traditional Healers

In Zimbabwe there are a lot of snake bite especially at the beginning of rain season. Many people lose lives due to delays mostly in seeking modern medicines. There is need to involve those in traditional medicine practice to come up with standardized care.

Request: Leaflets for health education for mental health

I would like to requests the provision of leaflets for health education on different mental health disorders. We are running a Community Mental Health Project here at Nkhoma Hospital in Malawi but we lack different learning and teaching materials. 

Ascel Bio Assessment Report

Ascel Bio LLC, a group working in the Ebola rocked West African Countries, wrote to Nurses Round requesting the most recent assessment of the situation be put up to the public. Ascel Bio LLC is the same team that created the Haiti Epidemic Advisory System for Haiti after the earthquake.  This system promoted situational awareness for all responders during the cholera disaster.

Ascel Bio assesses the situation in West Africa is largely unchanged. Ascel Bio ranks these countries by the level of Ebola-caused community disruption [from worst to best]:

Use of television and video for health education in waiting rooms in health centres and hospitals (2)

Uganda is one of those resource constraint countries and there are TV and video tapes used for health education up to health center two in the community and the messages are translated into different languages of those localities. Its effectiveness is that, it is not just talking, but taped dramas are played and they draw the attention of mothers and other patients. By the time they come in contact with health workers, the hearts will be ready to receive what the health providers have for them. Sometimes, even when they are attended to, they continue watching.

Ebola in West Africa (21)

To those more exposed to western traditions and what seems eminently logical to us,  it takes a lot of understanding, tolerance, patience, and what I see as overwhelming dedication, devotion to duty, to vocation ,  to service of man , and plain self sacrificing love to work in these environments.

I can remember the early days of HIV, when many of our people refused to accept our public health statements, insisting that this was a virus planted by the white man to kill black people, a man-made virus, and not a sexually transmitted one.

Nursing Posts for newly qualified nurses in Zambia

For a country [Zambia] which I [is] so short of nurses I believe it to be unacceptable that four months later the newly qualified nurses still have no idea where or when they will be posted to a job. A number of the students are working voluntarily for no pay until they are posted to a position. To me this seems an untenable situation.
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