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Ebola in West Africa (138) Ebola information in French (4)

The innovative online library has generated and just recently updated the new EBOLA TOOLBOX comprising all publicly available disease-specific documents to ease access for the teams on the ground... MEDBOX is a new and innovative online library aimed at improving the quality of health care in humanitarian action, worldwide.

[hifa2015] Opportunity to make PubMed more useful for health professionals in low-income countries (6)

There is a procedure for new journals to be included in PubMed.

I had an experience of helping one Russian medical journal to answer all the questions to submit it for indexing in PubMed, and I was surprised how simple the procedure was. The main aspect was to show how the peer-review process was organized by the editorial board, and that most of published articles are peer-reviewed. There were also questions about conflict of interest, informed consent and other rules...that are common for all medical journals.

Opportunity to make PubMed more useful for health professionals in low-income countries (3)

PubMed is a wonderful resource for health researchers in developing countries. The abstracts archived on PubMed are always a good place to start literature reviews. While the journals archived on PubMed are more resident in developed countries and often times US centered, in the last few years, I have seen an increase in the number of African journals especially Nigerian journals coming up on the search results.

Perceived role of journal clubs (3) How to organize evidence-based journal clubs

I have compiled a list of resources on organizing evidence-based journal clubs
Here are a few guides, if you are interested in more resources I can send you the whole list as Word document (16 pp.)
Journal Club Handbook
The Handbook includes guidance for the presenters, FAQs, and recommended reading. From Birmingham Women's Hospital. 2012

Wikipedia Working to get Ebola Content into as Many Languages as Possible

We at Wikipedia are busy translating content on Ebola as well as many other key diseases into as many languages as we can find volunteers per here ... We have recently added a new collaborator to our efforts, Rubric who have volunteered their expertise and helped us get content into an additional dozen or so African languages. ...

Facebook launches mobile app in Zambia with free Internet access (3) Meeting the information needs of extension health workers in Ethiopia

 I am currently in Ethiopia, where the Ministry of Health is working with IBM to develop content and connectivity so that (among others) 38,000 extension health workers can have access to health information via mobile telephony. With WHO support, I am working on the knowledge management end of this project. We're just beginning, but it is clear that the issues are both finding an appropriate technical solution and tailoring the right content for the job.


Should the British National Formulary be freely available online? (2) National Formulary of India

I feel BNF is one of the reliable sources of information on Medicines, which can be used by any health care provider and general people also. Unfortunately access to this document is restricted. If it is freely available in the internet it will be very much helpful to all and could improve health care throughout the globe.
In this context I would like to inform that National Formulary of India 2011 is freely available [PDF, 5Mb] at: 

MTN, Samsung in big African m-health drive

'The GSM Association (GSMA), which represents many of the world's mobile operators, has announced that its Mobile for Development mHealth programme is launching a series of partnerships to deliver mobile health services to women and children across sub-Saharan Africa.

2nd HIFA SMART Goal: Information on Medicines for All (5)

As most of you know, in many developing countries, tablets etc are often sold individually by unqualified (and qualified) vendors without prescription (an issue that itself needs to be addressed) - without the packing or patient information leaflet. I wonder how much of the general public, especially in developing countries, are aware of the importance of reading these leaflets?


ICANN Ignores Calls for Proper Management of .health and related health generic top level domains (4)

In an ideal world, good information would rise to the top and bad information would sink out of sight. This is not that kind of world.

I fear that the cost of policing the Internet to ensure that essential health information is accurate and valid - what you call "oversight" - would be interpreted by the internet as censorship and the internet would, according to the adage, route around it.


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