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Ebola: limitations of correcting misinformation

Citation: Clare Chandler et al. Ebola: limitations of correcting misinformation. The Lancet 2015 DOI:
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Ebola: limitations of correcting misinformation

elow are extracts from a Comment in this week's issue of The Lancet (4 April 2015), by Clare Chandler and colleagues, for the Ebola Response Anthropology Platform. The full text is freely available here (after free registration):

'Communication and social mobilisation strategies to raise awareness about Ebola virus disease and the risk factors for its transmission are central elements in the response to the current Ebola outbreak in west Africa. A principle underpinning these efforts is to change risky “behaviour” related to “traditional” practices and “misinformation”...

'We propose four questions to scrutinise some of the assumptions about current Ebola social mobilisation strategies...

'Engagement across communities with flexible protocols that communicate problems, request help in developing local solutions, and enable their implementation are likely to be more effective in changing high risk practices than standardised approaches...'


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Clare Chandler et al.

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