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Ebola, Twitter, and misinformation: a dangerous combination?

Sunday Oluwafemi Oyeyimi. Ebola, Twitter, and misinformation: a dangerous combination? BMJ,Nov 2014.
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"People desperately need correct information on how to control Ebola... After reports that misinformation spread by text messages led to deaths, we checked the quality of Ebola related information on Twitter... from Guinea, Liberia, and Nigeria during 1 to 7 September 2014... Most tweets and retweets contained misinformation, and misinformation had a much larger potential reach than correct information... The most common misinformation was that Ebola might be cured by the plant ewedu or by blood transfusion. Drinking and washing in salty water were also mentioned."

"Public health and government agencies in west Africa should use Twitter to spread correct information and amend misinformation on how to deal with this emergency."



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Sunday Oluwafemi Oyeyimi

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