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Local research in Africa: a glimpse at possibilities in Niger

Local research in Africa: a glimpse at possibilities in Niger The Lancet Global Health [editorial] Volume 6, No. 3, e229, March 2018
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At the core of the conclusions reached by the Lancet Commission on the future of health in sub-Saharan Africa published last September is a sense of possibility for what Africans can and must accomplish to level their populations' health with the rest of the world's by 2030. Among the key requirements are the home-bred, tailored solutions that a greater local research capacity and leadership would produce to respond to the challenges ahead. At the first Epicentre Niger Scientific Day held in Niamey on January 25, there were signs that the message is on point and the optimism justified.
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Familiar difficulties were evoked during a plenary session expanding beyond Epicentre's work, on the priorities for research in Niger: the pressing need for locally-adapted tools, the shortage of researchers, and the obstacles encountered in research activities—including accessing information—because of infrastructural limitations. Participants to a round table on how to move from research to policy also identified the misalignment of the donor-researcher-policymaker triad and the need for a stronger link between the protagonists of research and policy. These are all quasi-universal issues and they must be addressed.

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