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The power of midwifery

Richard Horton & Olaya Astudillo. The power of midwifery. The Lancet, Volume 384, Issue 9948, Pages 1075 - 1076, 20 September 2014. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(14)60855-2
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'Midwifery is commonly misunderstood. The Series of four papers and five Comments we publish today sets out to correct that misunderstanding. One important conclusion is that application of the evidence presented in this Series could avert more than 80% of maternal and newborn deaths, including stillbirths. Midwifery therefore has a pivotal, yet widely neglected, part to play in accelerating progress to end preventable mortality of women and children...  The work described in this Series offers a valuable guide to decision makers about how they can act now to protect the lives of a future generation of women and children.'
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Richard Horton & Olaya Astudillo
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