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Publication practices and attitudes towards evidence-based medicine in central Asia

Galina V Yamshchikov,George P Schmid. Publication practices and attitudes towards evidence-based medicine in central Asia. The Lancet Global Health - 1 August 2013 ( Vol. 1, Issue 2, Pages e73-e74 ) DOI: 10.1016/S2214-109X(13)70022-6
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'In 1991, the five republics of central Asia (population 61 million), geopolitically strategically located and rich in natural resources, gained independence from the Soviet Union but inherited the Soviet health-care system. The Cold War limited exposure to international medical science... 20 years after independence, our experience is that these barriers persist. To assess the current contribution of central Asian scientists to medical science, we analysed the quantity and scope of medical literature from central Asia published between January, 2009, and July, 2011...
'BioMed Central was the most common English-language journal. Few journals that central Asian scientists publish in are readily accessed by Western scientists. No journals originating in central Asia are indexed in PubMed.
'... Although 74 of 84 (88%) interviewees thought evidence-based medicine is important, most respondents (40/66 [61%]) thought that it is not used in health-care decision-making...'
(What is not clear from the study is the level of understanding about what evidence-based medicine actually means...)
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Galina V Yamshchikov,George P Schmid.

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