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Research capacity in Africa—will the sun rise again?

Davies, Justine et al. Research capacity in Africa—will the sun rise again? The Lancet Global Health 2016 DOI:
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The Lancet Global Health and The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology attended the SACORE Annual Scientific Meeting in Lilongwe, Malawi, in March, 2016. The enthusiasm and hard work of the students, the quality of presentations of both students and external keynote speakers, and the strong support by faculty were impressive. Many of the research projects were of high quality, although doubtless some could have benefited from more thought regarding appropriate questions to ask to contribute meaningfully to knowledge gaps in Africa. The inescapable conclusion from the meeting was that building collaborative research networks within Africa and between Africa and the rest of the world will ensure that researchers in Africa are better able to address relevant questions, and that this process is only just beginning. Unfortunately, the Wellcome Trust has decided to stop funding SACORE. To add insult to injury, not one representative from Wellcome saw fit to attend the organisation's swan song...  
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Davies, Justine et al. 

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