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re - Indigenous medicine and biomedical health care in fragile settings: insights from Burundi

Two University Dons/academics differed on the question of the causes of cancer, particularly whether cancer can be caused by 'evil spirits'?- one was categoric that there is no such causality whilst the other said there is!

So long as such ambivalence remains in the very place (university) that the public look to for answers to this type of critical questions, confusion shall continue to reign - the public will continue to delay their access to evidence proven health service by going to little researched and understood traditional medicine practitioners / herbalists etc. 

Symptomatic presentation with cervical cancer in Uganda: a qualitative study assessing the pathways to diagnosis in a low-income country

Background: Symptomatic cervical cancer patients in low- and middle-income countries usually present with late stage disease and have poor survival. We explored the views of cervical cancer patients on their symptom appraisal and interpretations, and their help-seeking including lay consultations.

Strategic framework for the Comprehensive Control of Cancer Cervix in South-East Asia Region

'Cancer of the cervix is the second most common cancer in women worldwide, and in some developing countries it is the leading cause of cancer death. Globally each year, about half a million women develop cervical cancer, [of whom] 200 000 new cases of cervical cancer in Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) South-East Asia Region... The vast majority of cases and deaths from cervical cancer are unnecessary, because efficacious and potentially effective modalities exist for its prevention and management.' 

Mobile health for cancer in low to middle income countries: priorities for research and development.

Many current global health opportunities have less to do with new biomedical knowledge than with the coordination and delivery of care. While basic research remains vital, the growing cancer epidemic in countries of low and middle income warrants urgent action­ focusing on both research and service delivery innoovation. Mobile technology can reduce costs, improve access to health services, and strengthen health systems to meet the interrelated challenges of cancer and other noncommunicable diseases.

Increasing the availability of health research in languages other than English (5)

I completely agree that providing health information in as many languages as possible is an important goal.  Here at ecancer we encourage authors to submit in Portuguese or Spanish (as well as English) and if their article passes peer review we translate it into English and publish it for free, including the original Spanish/Portuguese version.  We also film at international oncology conferences and host videos of expert interviews on our website in Spanish as well as English. 

The African cancer patients dying in unnecessary pain

Cancer patients dying in Senegal often die in excruciating pain because of a lack of morphine and other drugs. Hospitals in Touba, the country's second largest city, don't have morphine but they can't write prescriptions that can be filled in Dakar because they don't have the correct prescription pads.

Increasing access to palliative care (12)

pain control is complex and even our doctors have not been taught it. Health professionals need to be trained in its use before prescribing or mistakes strengthen the many myths that are circulating in the medical professions re morphine. Only when pain is controlled is the patient able to review their lives, bring forward their holistic needs so we can bring them to painless peace before the end of life.

Breast cancer screening pamphlets mislead women (5) Health misinformation by religious groups

An emerging threat to the many efforts being made around the world to create awareness about early detection of cancers and the benefit of early treatment, is the encroachment of religious groups who peddle the dangerous message that 'they can cure cancer even advanced ulcerating metastatic cancer just by praying for the victim'. 


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