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Ebola in West Africa (117) Ebola Messages for Children

At Children for Health we have put together a short resource for those working in Ebola affected communities. This is in response from a request from people working in an affected area. We believe that children can play a role in helping to protect their own and other children's health. We have prepared 20 messages. 2 messages to answer 10 key questions which we think children might be asking.

Landscape analysis of MNCH demand-side interventions in Malawi (2)

I'm writing in response to your inquiry regarding MNCH demand-side interventions in Malawi. JHU·CCP implements the SSDI -Communication (Support to Service Delivery­ Communication) program in partnership witth Save the Children in Malawi and several local organizations. SSDI is a cross cutting health project and we do address MNCH issues (FP, Malnutrition, WASH, Safe Motherhood), among others.

From Intense Rejection to Advocacy: How Muslim Clerics Were Engaged in a Polio Eradication Initiative in Northern Nigeria

- Of the several setbacks suffered by the polio eradication initiative in Nigeria, vaccination rejection by Muslim clerics (imams) is perhaps the most profound.
- Anti-polio propaganda, misconceptions, and violence against vaccinators at the community level present huge challenges to polio eradication in Nigeria and globally.
- However, the intense opposition to polio vaccination is systematically being reversed by the active engagement of imams to promote uptake of polio vaccination in areas worst hit by the disease.

The Lancet: Can available interventions end preventable deaths in mothers, newborn babies, and stillbirths?

'Closure of the quality gap through the provision of effective care for all women and newborn babies delivering in facilities could prevent an estimated 113 000 maternal deaths, 531 000 stillbirths, and 1·325 million neonatal deaths annually by 2020...'

Mobile health and street theatre to improve maternal and child health in Bihar

I was interested to read this article on the BBC Media Action website. The full article is freely available here:


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