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Child health

Impact Data - Research Initiative: Test the Impact of a Radio Campaign Addressing Child Mortality in Burkina Faso

"This represents... the first randomised controlled trial to demonstrate that mass media can cause behaviour change", say the authors in an executive summary... 
"We invite you to critique, debate and comment on the research results and methodology at this link and introduced below. You can do so within The CI partnership's Health Communication network here or please comment on, raise questions and rate this research at this link:

Training school teachers to diagnose and treat children with malaria

Further to my last post, for those interested in innovative collaboration between health and education, take a look at this great blog post by David Melody who recently visited Malawi's south eastern district of Zomba where he saw how innovation is bridging schools and health centres; teachers and health workers.

Should the British National Formulary be freely available online?

If we could make the BNF freely available on the internet world-wide, this would have a huge impact on health information for all. Cuban health professionals have often told me they would love to be able to access both BNF and BNF-C [BNF for Children]. They do not have the financial resources to purchase them online. I suspect many health professionals worldwide feel the same.


Informal rural healthcare providers in North and South India (2)

I understand that IPs [informal healthcare providers] do know how to identify the ill-health conditions but then they wrongly prescribe. Does this mean that they lack the component 'treatment' in their training? I don't think so: the same article reports that 'international evidence suggests that training, on its own, has only a modest impact on performance'.
Reasons for excessive prescription of drugs have to be find in the global paradigm that 'wants' a doctor to be a doctor when he prescribes more.

2014 Partners Forum Draft Communique

The Communique below is forwarded from the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, based at WHO Geneva, following a major conference held in Johannesburg last week.

MTN, Samsung in big African m-health drive

'The GSM Association (GSMA), which represents many of the world's mobile operators, has announced that its Mobile for Development mHealth programme is launching a series of partnerships to deliver mobile health services to women and children across sub-Saharan Africa.

New videos on family planning and more from Futures Group

The Innovations in Family Planning Services (IFPS) Technical Assistance Project (ITAP) was implemented by Futures Group and Johns Hopkins University - Centre for Communication Programs in three states of North India (Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand) from 2005-2012 to improve family planning and reproductive health indicators of the country. The program worked with the national and state governments to strengthen health systems, use evidence for decision making, training, and pilot six innovative and scalable public-private partnership (PPP) models.

An innovative leap forward for better health & nutrition practices

Today, nearly 19,000 children around the world will die from preventable causes. Almost 90% of these deaths are attributable to just six conditions, and the reality is that most of them could be avoided with a single cure: knowledge.

SMS versus voice messaging to deliver MNCH communication in rural Malawi: assessment of delivery success and user experience

'Objective: To determine the difference in delivery success of health messages delivered through pushed SMS, pushed voice messages sent to personal phones, and voice messages retrieved from a community phone ('retrieved voice messaging'), as well as the difference in quality of the user experience.


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