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Mental health

Experiences from the field in Cameroon: Mental health promotion, (mental) health literacy, mental health and mental illness

Mental health is an integral part of health and a fundamental aspect for suitainable developement. Following a recent movement on mental health in Cameroon brought to light concretely on the First Cameroonian Days of Mental Health in 2015. I have taken resolution, to work to make mental health a priority in my country. Again, the context of mental health is characterised by a lot of ignorance, stigma, discrimantion and reject of sufferers. Of utter most importance is the absence of sources for adequate and reliable (mental) healthcare information.

World Health Day 2017: Depression (22) Mental health in Cameroon

As this unique week of health closes marked with WHD celebration on the 7th of April, a feeling of extreme determination is building up amist myself and a good number of associations interested in promoting mental health in Cameroon.

Request: Leaflets for health education for mental health

I would like to requests the provision of leaflets for health education on different mental health disorders. We are running a Community Mental Health Project here at Nkhoma Hospital in Malawi but we lack different learning and teaching materials. 

World Health Day 2017: Depression (2) Mental health in Nigeria

The country (Nigeria) is generally short of physicians and, with a population of over 120 million, has less than 100 psychiatrists. The bulk of psychiatric service is provided by the eight regional psychiatric hospitals and the departments of psychiatry in 12 medical schools. A number of general hospitals also provide psychiatric services. Despite these facilities, mental health care remains inadequate.

World Mental Health Day 2014, theme Living with Schizophrenia (2)

It is still so obvious that there is a huge  need  for mental health professionals to be informed and educated about best practices on the management of schizophrenia. Moreover, capacity building and training taking into acount EBM/EBT is fundamental as well. I believe that  access to accurate information builds competence and professionalism.

New book: Mental Health Care in Settings Where Mental Health Resources are Limited

We have previously tried to persuade the publisher of the acclaimed book, 'Where There is No Psychiatrist', to make this invaluable e-book available for free download. Unfortunately, the publisher (Royal College of Psychiatrists) was not persuaded by our arguments. The e-book, published in 2003, remains for sale (14 USD) on the publisher's website.
I was therefore encouraged to see today (thanks to the WONCA Newsletter) a new, free e-book: Mental Health Care in Settings Where Mental Health Resources are Limited, by Pamela Smith MD. 


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