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Non-communicable diseases

Hypertension, ignorance and access to helpful information

There is a huge ignorance gap on health information as a whole in Nigeria, different studies done have shown inadequacies in the knowledge of people on different health issues. Hypertension is also an often misunderstood issue with regards to its causes and treatments. A lot of patients in Nigeria who have been diagnosed of hypertension are not compliant with their drugs, in a lot of cases this is due to them not understanding how management of hypertension works, the next time some of them appear in the clinic, they would have been down with complications.

Clinical tools for non-communicable diseases in Rwanda

Can someone share guidelines of developing clinical tools, particularly in the area of non-communicable diseases? I am particularly referring to clinical tools for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in LMICS. I would like to use them in Rwanda. I have checked resources in Rwanda to see whether there are some that have been published, but in vain.

"Fighting a hurricane": tobacco industry efforts to counter the perceived threat of islam

'Islamic countries are of key importance to transnational tobacco companies as growing markets with increasing smoking rates. We analyzed internal tobacco industry documents to assess the industry's response to rising concerns about tobacco use within Islamic countries.

Bill Gates: What I'm Learning About Ghana (11) Global health knowledge: The most untidy child's bedroom imaginable

When it comes to finding the results of scientific research relevant to low and middle income countries (which I would argue, should be one of the key foundation stones of health care development and is integral to evidence-based policy-making ) the situation is truly shocking.

Meeting the health information needs of citizens

In countries like mine, there are many other sources of spreading your word------ wall chalking, pamphlets, hand bills, poster on public transport vehicles, cinemas and popular public places. Where ever you go you will find floods of information. Quacks are conducting free medical camps, workshops and seminars and have more access to media by buying time than those who intend to disseminate right, quality and authentic information at gross root level. I take the liberty to describe some of such information below:

Raising awareness of breast cancer (2)

This discussion on breast cancer reminds me of a lady barrister aged 35 years who presented two years ago with a fungating breast cancer lump - she had visited 'native healers' for months because her illiterate father had advised her that breast lumps are not for modern medicine. She died a painful death. Very sad. Surely in this case it is not due to poverty or lack of formal education. Rather it seems to be a blind followership of tradition and culture. Her university education did not educate her enough to educate her father.

Mobile phones for community health workers (6)

We have a quite number of community health workers (CHWs) who are heavily involved in creating awareness, sensitization so as to improve the uptake of health services amongst the community members they represent (Household members) especialy the under 5s, pregnant mothers, clients with chronic illineses, family planning and improving sanitation.


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