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A world where every parent understands and uses oral rehydration therapy

'During the 1980s, when BRAC began to implement this health solution on a national scale, it proved to be an enormous undertaking... Today nearly every Bangladeshi woman understands and uses oral rehydration therapy...
'BRAC now has perhaps the largest cadre of non-governmental-organisation-trained frontline health workers in the world, with more than 100 000 self-employed community health workers who are incentivised to provide basic curative and preventative care to their families and neighbours.'

Addressing stigma of mental ill-health and disability (2) A tribute to work in the field of disability (10)

And you're right in Zambia disability of any kind whether physical or mental is like a curse even among family members. We indeed need champions like your partner and his team Lung Hang. As a matter of fact I have seen other people in Zambia trying to dump their family members and feel ashamed to move with them in public. My own sister has been crippled from the time she was four years in 1958, she uses a wheelchair but it attracts a lot of attention and sympathy, same with my cousin dumb and deaf but God in His own wisdom has blessed them so much.

Effect of ARVs on birth control methods

I would like to seek your opinions on the matter that ARVs [antiretroviral drugs] affect birth control methods like injecta- plan, use of pills among other methods. This has been major complaint by HIV/AIDS positive Women in Masaka, Uganda.  Are there scientific studies to substantiate womens' claims??. Hope to hear from you!

Infographic: Is Mobile Healthcare the Future?

More than 97,000 health and fitness related apps... What the statistics don't tell us is that the vast majority of these apps are useless in terms of empowering citizens in low-resource settings to take life-saving healthcare decisions. There are tens of thousands of apps to promote weight loss and exercise, and virtually none to empower healthcare decisions for critical situations such as first aid/trauma, child illness, and complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Mobile health has not been adequately harnessed to save lives and reduce suffering.

Samsung takes a major step towards the mHIFA Goal (8)

It seems the 'major step forward' lies in Samsung's *intention* to meet the health information needs of Africa's citizens, rather than the app itself. Samsung is a massive company - 270 billion USD annual turnover - with global reach. There is a huge opportunity now for Samsung to collaborate with WHO, Hesperian (Where There is No Doctor), HealthPhone and many others to ensure the delivery of new content that is both reliable, relevant, and easy to use - not only in Africa, but worldwide.

Samsung takes a major step towards the mHIFA Goal (5)

It might be useful for us all to have a discussion about the merits of generic vs culturally contextual content and how the content that we can agree on is best set out. 
Mobile providers like Samsung will be needing this content - how is it best generated? designed? The key feature is that its extremely distilled and the process of distilling information is not easy. 

Samsung takes a major step towards the mHIFA Goal (4)

I think it's wonderful that Samsung has taken the step of preloading the app on phones in Africa: preloading anything is a very big decision for a phone manufacturer. I've had a chance to use the app [Smart Health for Africa] and have some observations:


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