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Automatic translation of health messages (4)

MT (Machine Translation) is an evolving Technology. It will take its time to mature. In any language we have an average of 700,000 words. Every language has its own Grammar and Composition rules. We have designed our program in such a way that for each of our regional language our machine will translate 200,000 pages, which will be examined by our graduates to train the rule based MT software. Even then the solution will give 85% efficiency. So for two years we shall have 24 x 7 online support.

Meeting the health information needs of mothers: MAMA adaptable health messages

The Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) is delighted to share news about a set of free health messages formatted for delivery through mobile phones. The messages are available at

Meeting the health information needs of citizens

In countries like mine, there are many other sources of spreading your word: wall chalking, pamphlets, hand bills, poster on public transport vehicles, cinemas and popular public places. Whereever you go you will find floods of information. Quacks are conducting free medical camps, workshops and seminars and have more access to media by buying time than those who intend to disseminate right, quality and authentic information at gross root level. I take the liberty to describe some of such information below:

Myths about Pregnancy (14) Some women are hostile to Y-sperm (5)

The theory that gender can be influenced at the time of intercourse came out of the sperm studies by Obstetrics and Gynecology professor Landrum Shettles in the late 1950's. I knew Professor Shettles, having met him in the Columbia Presbyterian doctor's dining room, when I was a neonatology fellow in 1961... Anyway, I well remember late one evening when I was on call and met Prof. Shettles to the cafeteria; we got talking about his studies of sperm and he told me that;

Myths about Pregnancy (12) Some women are hostile to Y-sperm (3)

People---both scientists and common people ---- try to evolve ways that could allow human beings to select sex of their own children. There are many claims of success both in science and local beliefs but whether these are facts or fiction, remains to be determined.

Please note, the points which I am describing are the popular beliefs and not my opinion:

1) Vaginal pH: Acidic environment favors girls, since it will kill the weaker male sperm and leave a greater number of X sperm to fertilize the egg. If you want a boy, have intercourse on the day of ovulation.

Mobile phones to meet the health information needs of citizens (13) Automatic translation of health messages

We have recently launched TeleDoctors - a TRIAGE - Service in India. At present we only have MTNL (Landline) Connectivity. We are discussing with TATA Teleservices and UNINOR for mobile connectivity. We are waiting for the Short-Code to provide access to the whole of India.

Wikipedia will be freely accessible to 70 million people in Africa and the Middle East - Healthcare Information For All before 2015?

Exciting news from Wikipedia, we are going to be freely accessible by cell phones to 70 million people in Africa and the Middle East soon. As discussed previously and here we are working hard to create medical content in the primary languages of the people who in these areas. We would love you help with this project as this is definitely one way we can provide "health care information for all" and maybe even before 2015.

Myths about pregnancy (9) Does health education make a difference? (2)

Educate the people harder and gradually they will know the truth and be free. In Yoruba land of south west Nigeria, there were gods for thunder, the mighty river, small pox, twins etc. But not any more when the scientific bases have been established. The first world was once like that.

Myths about pregnancy (6) Health education will not make much difference in the short or medium term

I am Michaela Mantel working as medical doctor and public health 'expert' in developing countries since more than 25 years.

Mythologies and unethical practices surrounding HIV/AIDS transmission (5) Myths about pregnancy (2)

During my clinical experience of 27-years (of which 25-years are in the same community), I have come across the following three very common misconceptions:

1) If the female immediately micturates after sexual act, it can prevent pregnancy.!!!!

2) Regular use of injectable contraceptives can prevent HIV/AIDS!!!!!

3) Quacks here promote "Oral Contraceptive Tablet" which can prevent pregnancy for 05-years after single use!!!!!!


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