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Don't you predict more HIV infections in Africa caused by the Pope's visit? (4)

I agree with Hugh. This is the reason (i think) why the Catholic church is not encouraging condom use in countries like the Philippines - it encourages promiscuity especially to the youth/teens. The church instead promotes abstinence, no pre-marital and extra-marital sex that could decrease the spread of diseases not just HIV.

Don't you predict more HIV infections in Africa caused by the Pope's visit?

...the Pope was quoted as having said that AIDS was, "..a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone...that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems."

On my way back from the workshop, I thought seriously about the "leadership" of the Vatican. The Pope was undoing everything that we small ones with no voices or key "leadership" positions or offices can use to AIDucate or "confuse" the people...

The role of folk media in health knowledge transfer (9)

As a student of mass communication I find oral media as sometimes referred to very essential in communicating health information awareness or campaigns for health promotion because it cuts across all boundaries in terms literacy or illiteracy. Communicators identify themselves with recipients of such messages in a manner similar to daily situations, the langauge used is spontaneous and invokes some sense of belonging, actors are real people and in most cases friends and colleagues who have a lot in common.

The role of folk media in health knowledge transfer (8)

Well, I think we have to be bit careful to cultural aspects and social acceptability of the means of delivering the message, not just their acceptance of the content of the message. In a country like Sudan, which is almost a continent by itself, there are distinct differences among the different tribes. Music and dances are generally accepted, though it is more practiced in the south where the dances and music are part and parcel of the social expression and communication between the people. While in the north, many may not take songs and dances with ease.

Teaching community leaders and establishing health clinics (5)

We, in Rwanda, have a big program of community health participation and
that includes the teaching community leaders and globally that strategy
produces very good results and improvement on the community health.
Those leaders work closely with the community health workers. Those
workers are chosen by the community and are two per village, a women and a
man... There are also initiatives on the Community Health Centers...
We have documented those experiences in 2008, a video but in french and
kinyarwanda. The english version, this year.

101 Things To Do With A Mobile Phone In Healthcare

The idea of "mass electronic dispatch to all registered numbers is manageable for large numbers of people who require a similar message and health service" is good - when the use of mobile phones is universal and the number is not changed often. Just throwing these points open for discussion. 1. Illiteracy is an impediment. 2. Use of own mobile connections in rural areas has not become universal yet. 3.

Awareness of hepatitis among health workers and the general public

In the near future, Hepatitis C virus could be the most noteworthy morbidity effector and a menace to the global health because of its insidious and pernicious evolution and of its costly treatment which is not within the reach of all sectors of the society. Natural history of this disease is intricate and not well understood. Health workers in low income countries identify hepatitis by symptoms and clinical signs but do not distinguish different types of hepatitis.


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