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Traditional medicine, false beliefs and rhino horn

The use of rhino horn to treat impotence is a perfect example of the "pseudo-homeopathy" (belief that like cures like) found in traditional healing... That big hard horn is intuitively seen as a remedy for failure to get an erection. For men whose impotence is partly psychological, of course, a strong belief in the power of rhino horn might indeed be effective. This no doubt is the reason why the demand is so great and persistent.

World Health Day 2017: Depression (22) Mental health in Cameroon

As this unique week of health closes marked with WHD celebration on the 7th of April, a feeling of extreme determination is building up amist myself and a good number of associations interested in promoting mental health in Cameroon.

Essential patient information in drug labels, packages and devices

Labeling of drugs and devices in Sri Lanka are done mainly in English. Lobbying by academics to change this situation has had limited success. On Sept. 21, 2012, the Ministry of Health ordered that all pharmaceutical manufacturers and importers to label in Sinhala and Tamil (native languages for most Sri Lankans) in addition to English.

Request: Leaflets for health education for mental health

I would like to requests the provision of leaflets for health education on different mental health disorders. We are running a Community Mental Health Project here at Nkhoma Hospital in Malawi but we lack different learning and teaching materials. 


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