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Abducted polio immunization team found murdered in Pakistan

'Four members of a polio immunization team have been found murdered after being kidnapped in southwest Pakistan, officials said Wednesday... Taliban militants claim that the polio vaccination drive is a front for espionage or a conspiracy to sterilise Muslims...'

Why is e-Health so hard? (5)

...Dissemination of information needs trained local people. When I talk to young people who have researched their problem on the Internet before coming to see the doctor, I am often amazed at the disconnect between their clinical features and the things they have looked at. If my local health worker does not want to spend time learning about the different causes of itchy skin, leaflets on managing scabies are not going to help. And this too would need some time to read and understand and cannot be a 'one liner' which he may prefer. My point is about how eHealth is used.

Contribution of Slovenian community pharmacist counseling to patients' knowledge about their prescription medicines: a cross-sectional study

ABSTRACT: An observational study was designed to obtain information about patients' knowledge, their view on pharmacist counseling, and physicians'/pharmacists' provision of information. This study used a specifically designed questionnaire, which served as an interview guide. 400 patients picking up a prescription medicine were structurally interviewed upon leaving one of the 20 randomly chosen Slovenian
pharmacies. The interviews took place in November and December 2013.

Developing a common scientific understanding of 'reliable medicine information' (2)

The difference between a poison and a drug is information. These comments will focus on drug safety information written in non-technical language for patients that is useful and scientifically accurate and is available free of charge or at a very low cost.

Prescribers already largely have free access to independent high quality useful scientifically accurate drug information in English on the Internet.  The question is still open if prescribers use this information effectively?...

Local Engagement in Ebola Outbreaks and Beyond in Sierra Leone

'Containment strategies for Ebola rupture fundamental features of social, political and religious life. Control efforts that involve local people and appreciate their perspectives, social structures and institutions are therefore vital.


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