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Ebola Crisis: Credible and Accurate Information can Save Lives

Ebola Crisis: Credible and Accurate Information can Save Lives.Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities Network. 2014
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'Daniel Bruce and Jeanne Bourgault of Internews recently published an article in UK Newspaper 'The Guardian' outlining the important role of media and information when an outbreak, such as the current Ebola crisis, occurs, and how misinformation and rumour has created fear and mistrust. This can be accessed here: 'At this time, it is critical that the response dedicates resources to understanding how to deliver credible information, through trusted sources. Messaging alone will not convince people who have heard and believed rumours from their friends and families. UNICEF and CRS have also released a KAP survey from Sierra Leone highlighting the urgent need for more information work on Ebola, especially through radio: 'As there is a lot of confusion about how the virus is contracted, information and messaging on how to prevent the disease needs to be developed in consultation with local communities, available in local West African languages and accessible to all groups...'

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