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Ebola Interactive Voice Response and SMS for health workers

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'The current Ebola epidemic in west Africa is the first Ebola epidemic in region and therefore most health workers have received no formal education on Ebola prevention, diagnosis, or care. During an epidemic, health workers are needed at their posts and there is often not time to bring them to central sites for face to face training. In addition, travel for training risks spreading the disease via health workers who are not aware they are infected. Traditional distance education approaches, such as the internet and DVD are difficult because many community-based health workers often do not have access to the internet or laptops and tablets or are illiterate or semi-literate. In order to address these issues and get information quickly to health workers in Ebola affected and at-risk countries, IntraHealth International has developed [1] an Ebola Interactive Voice Response (IVR) course [and 2] an Ebola SMS course:   [1] Ebola Interactive Voice Response Course for Health Workers:'   [2] Ebola SMS Messages for Health Workers:   The messages were developed based on CDC’s Ebola Guidelines for Health Workers. The course is available for general use and modification under a creative commons license. We recommend that the course be adapted to meet national guidelines and language...'
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