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Facebook launches mobile app in Zambia with free Internet access

Kia Kokalitcheva. Facebook launches mobile app in Zambia with free Internet access. 2014
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', the branch of Facebook that loftily aims to bring Internet access to everyone, announced that it will release a special version of the Facebook app in Zambia in partnership with Zambia's most popular wireless operator Bharti Airtel. And, yes, the app ships with Internet connectivity, free of charge (except for the small amount needed to download it).   Facebook says that while more than 85 percent of the world's population lives within cellular range, only 30 percent currently access the Internet, and much of this gap is due to cost. The idea here is to give Zambians free access to Facebook and hope they will eventually want to expand their Internet access and purchase data plans from Airtel. Facebook plans to eventually expand to other countries as well.   Zambians can access Facebook in three ways: Through Internet.or's website, through the app, and through the Facebook app for Android which has an tab.   The app is designed to work on low-end Android devices and will provide users access to the following services: - AccuWeather - Airtel - eZeLibrary - Facebook - Facts for Life - Google Search - Go Zambia Jobs - Kokoliko - MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action) - Messenger - Wikipedia - WRAPP (Women’s Rights App) - Zambia uReport  
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Kia Kokalitcheva
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