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Ghana CHW National Plan

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'Using a ratio of one CHW to approximately 500 individuals, Ghana seeks to cover 100% of the rural population through a phased scale-up strategy over 10 years (2014 ­ 2023). Ghana will reach full rural coverage in 2019 with 27,845 CHWs'
'It is critical to ensure that all CHWs provide the same national standard preventive, promotive and clinical quality services and those cadres with similar profiles are integrated into one unified, comprehensive action framework... CHWs that are recruited, trained, deployed and managed by non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, etc.
should align with the national CHPS strategy'
'The CHWs shall perform ... disease monitoring, surveillance, reporting and health education, including methods of prevention and control; promotion of food supply and proper nutrition; provision of an adequate supply of safe water and basic sanitation; maternal and child health care, including family planning; immunization programs against the major infectious diseases; prevention and control of locally endemic diseases; appropriate treatment of common ailments and injuries; provision of essential drugs; and monitoring pregnant women and children under five. The services also include household visits to assess, educate, inform, counsel, prevent and treat minor ailments.'
Specific duties include... 'Supervision and monitoring of ... TBAs ... ANC cases, deliveries and delivery outcomes; Personal and environmental hygiene, clean and safe deliveries, hand washing education,clean materials for cord cutting; Assessment of pregnancies, Not to deliver primips, multiple pregnancies, breech; Early referral for difficult labor'
CHWs will receive 28 weeks pre-service training and 1 week of in-service training every 6 months.
'All internal guidelines for the management of the program will be compiled into a manual in English that each CHW, CHO and other managers will be trained on and own, (and also provided digitally on the mobile health platform, if feasible). In order to prevent corruption and mismanagement at the local and departmental level, the manual will include regulations with penalties and sanctions, including financial. These regulations will also be included in CHW and CHO Contracts. This adherence will be strictly enforced.'
'The CHW subsystem [includes] an mHealth platform that assists in:
- Patient registries for vital events tracking (including births, deaths, and immunizations)
- Patient registration and end-to-end case management
- Awareness campaigns and treatment adherence messaging
- Decision support and embedded job aids
- Full programmatic monitoring and supervision of the CHWs and CHW Managers'
Ministry of Health, Government of Ghana
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