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How A Phone App Is Changing Childbirth In Africa

How A Phone App Is Changing Childbirth In Africa
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'Imagine you are in rural Ethiopia. You are a health worker, stationed alone in a remote health clinic. A young man comes in carrying his wife who is in heavy labor. It's their third child and she gives birth quickly upon arrival. But as soon as the baby and the placenta are delivered, she starts bleeding dramatically. You want to do everything in your power to save the woman's life, but with limited theoretical training and little practical experience, you feel powerless...' '... The Safe Delivery App is designed to teach and instruct birth attendants how to manage normal and complicated deliveries. It does so through animated clinical instruction films. When the app has been fully developed and tested in 2015, it will be available as an open-source tool to all key actors in sub-Saharan Africa. 'Many of the health care workers using the app have become more confident about handling complicated childbirths. They are pleased with the graphic, explanatory nature of the videos, which are useful despite language barriers and reading difficulties.' 'Maternity Foundation, Copenhagen University and University of Southern Denmark are thus currently investigating how the mobile phone can be used to overcome one of the biggest barriers to preventing maternal mortality: lack of skilled birth attendance. To this end, we have developed a new mobile health tool called The Safe Delivery App.'
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