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Impact Data - Research Initiative: Test the Impact of a Radio Campaign Addressing Child Mortality in Burkina Faso

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"This represents... the first randomised controlled trial to demonstrate that mass media can cause behaviour change", say the authors in an executive summary...    "We invite you to critique, debate and comment on the research results and methodology at this link and introduced below. You can do so within The CI partnership's Health Communication network here or please comment on, raise questions and rate this research at this link:   "One criticism of the communication and media for development, social and behaviour change field of work is that there is little high quality evidence for its impact. In particular those outside this field of work ask us for evidence based on that supposed gold standard of research designs - the Randomized Control Trial (RCT). Of course we have a large amount of impact evidence using other quality research designs. But those with a stricter science perspective will always look for the three "magic" letters "RCT" as the basis for assessing whether the evidence presented is credible and reliable.   "Well, now we have an RCT. It is a four-year randomised controlled trial in Burkina Faso, with three years of broadcasting. The research tests the hypothesis that a radio campaign can reduce the large number of children dying before their fifth birthday. The RCT is directly measuring the impact of the radio campaign on child mortality, with a 50,000 sample size at baseline and 100,000 at endline...    
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