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Nepal Earthquake - Resources from Evidence Aid

Claire Allen. Nepal Earthquake - Resources from Evidence Aid. 2015
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Following the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in December 2004, Evidence Aid ( was established. It uses knowledge from systematic reviews to provide reliable, up-to-date evidence on interventions that might be considered in the context of natural disasters and other major healthcare emergencies. Evidence Aid seeks to highlight which interventions work, which don't work, which need more research, and which, no matter how well meaning, might be harmful; and to provide this information to agencies and people planning for, or responding to, disasters...

The resources are here: (a searchable resource for all disaster-related systematic reviews, both Cochrane and non-Cochrane). There is also a 'Special Collection' available on The Cochrane Library for earthquakes by Evidence Aid This contains only Cochrane systematic reviews and is not searchable.



Claire Allen
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