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The role of folk media in health knowledge transfer (7)

I may not have much to share on this topic but we have used plays, song and dance to pass on health messages related to HIV/AIDs and maternal Child health in South Sudan and this was a powerful tool since the communities could identify with the local languages as well as the plays and dances. A local group was trained on use of puppets in passing health information and they went on to train other groups on the same.

The role of folk media in health knowledge transfer (6)

There is team of actors in Gujarat performing special skilled play called as BHAVAI, through this medium we generated awareness in the districts on two different issues one was on AIDS and other was on Low girl child sex ratio. The teams in Sabarkantha District of Gujarat who performs Bhavai were hired by district health society and they had been informed by the health professionals on what were the messages to be given dring their performance in each village.

GANM: Help in identifying sources for nursing-specific content for South Africa

The Mobile Health Information System was deployed in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in late January. We have preloaded relevant clinical resources including treatment guidelines, directories, medical calculators, etc. on to smartphones and distributed them to 50 clinical nurses at the three public hospitals which comprise the Port Elizabeth Hospital Complex. Each of the nurses participated in a two-day training on the use of the device and how to access information on it. The phones have a limited amount of airtime to
support their use of email, SMS, and Internet browsing.


Indians deserve to have the benefits of HINARI. Other modalities of acquiring articles like writing to a colleague with HINARI or institutional access to share downloaded articles through email is not a pleasant or ethical (although perhaps oft used) option


Dr. Sivan's words should, in my opinion, reinforce the fact that in order to increase the visibility of India on the Global research map, efforts such as the HINARI should be thrown open to the Indians. Without affordable access to the modern evidence, updated research is impossible, and without that, PUBMED visibility is lowered. It appears to be something like a vicious cycle!


HINARI access really is a big need in India. It is sad that our access or lack of it is determined by certain economic standards that do not seem to be relevant in this context.

Surgeon saves boy's life by text (4)

The use of mobile technology to assist in consultations from junior doctors and general practitioners in the remote as well as urban centers to specialist(s) have been established in Liberia since September 2008. An example of this use was just applicable to a case of Perforated Gallbaldder due to an empyema that was operated by a GP on Sunday, January 11, 2009. He contacted me, a General Surgeon, at about 10:00 PM because he had not done a cholecystectomy before and didn't know how to proceed.

Curriculum development in Family Medicine (6) Relevant PDA health information resources

Pursuant to HIFA2015 core concerns, one of INFA-MED's goals is to assist
development of resource and geography-appropriate PDA-based decision
support tools and databases for use at the clinical point of care. The
recent HIFA2015 posting of the tragic Mombasa case (limb amputation after
complications in a paediatric case) gave an interesting apparent response
from the Ministry of Health to accelerate internet access to Kenya's
regional and district hospital system.

Curriculum development in Family Medicine (4)

Primafamed is a project financed by the European Union (Edulink ACP) and
coordinated from Ghent University in Belgium. We are working actively with
many universities in Sub-Saharan Africa to improve the development of
family medicine training. Networking among the universities in Africa is
very important and we focus on South-South cooperation.

The development of family medicine in the framework of PHC will contribute
to greater quality, equity, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of
health systems.



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