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Making ref/educational materials available

Hypertension (8)

'I may like to add that what I found to be the most significant problem with health care in most developing countries is the complete lack of basic data base as well as lack public awareness system to educate the public [on hypertension and diabetes]... he [the patient] may still be pushing around with raging blood pressure spreading rumour about how you [the doctor who is advising him to buy medicines for his high blood pressure] are a prophet of doom wanting to frighten people with health scare to rip them off.'

Introduction: Saima Ahsan, UK - Medical textbook donations Tanzania

We are working to collect medical textbooks from students and libraries in the UK to donate to medical school libraries and clinics in rural and central areas of Tanzania... were hoping to put together a book list of appropriate medical textbooks that would be collected from students in the UK via the students organisation MedSin.


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