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Understanding the Role of mHealth and other Media Interventions for Behavior Change to Enhance Child Survival and Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: An Evidence Review

Many of the research studies reported in the mHealth section are randomized clinical trials (RCTs) that provide strong evidence for the efficacy and effectiveness of mHealth interventions while sustainability evidence is weaker...

Ebola Resources for Health Workers

The Ebola crisis has affected some of the most vulnerable areas of the world, and frontline health workers are struggling to keep pace with the outbreak. These health workers need clear, simple, reliable information on how to protect themselves, detect the disease, and respond to their communities’ needs. This site offers resources, tools, and a forum to build community among frontline health workers and the global health community as we work together to address the outbreak.

Nigeria Uses Android App With Facebook to Fight Ebola (2) Reflections on Massive Chikungunya epidemic in Jamaica

In Jamaica we have been fighting a fortunately less deadly, but even faster growing, massive epidemic of Chikungunya. 

Our problems have been lack of leadership, in that the epidemic was denied for several weeks and doctors were accused of misdiagnosing Dengue and Influenza for Chikungunya. This left an information vacuum which was filled with rumours (Chikungunya caused by plane crash, by biological warfare, by the breeze)... 

First Wikipedia Article Passes Formal Peer Review and is Published

The first Wikipedia article has passed formal peer review and been published today in the journal Open Medicine

Editorial is here [*see note below]

My hope is that this will encourage academics to contribute.

How A Phone App Is Changing Childbirth In Africa

'Imagine you are in rural Ethiopia. You are a health worker, stationed alone in a remote health clinic. A young man comes in carrying his wife who is in heavy labor. It's their third child and she gives birth quickly upon arrival. But as soon as the baby and the placenta are delivered, she starts bleeding dramatically. You want to do everything in your power to save the woman's life, but with limited theoretical training and little practical experience, you feel powerless...'


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