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Promoting use of information

Pilot project - Toilets - Health information to address KAP gaps in communication strategy

I am interested in exploring how provision of health information can change the Knowledge, Attitude and Perception (KAP) of [Indian] families towards acquiring a toilet. 

Informal rural healthcare providers in North and South India (2)

I understand that IPs [informal healthcare providers] do know how to identify the ill-health conditions but then they wrongly prescribe. Does this mean that they lack the component 'treatment' in their training? I don't think so: the same article reports that 'international evidence suggests that training, on its own, has only a modest impact on performance'.
Reasons for excessive prescription of drugs have to be find in the global paradigm that 'wants' a doctor to be a doctor when he prescribes more.

Use of text messages to communicate clinical recommendations to health workers in rural China: a cluster-randomized trial

Objective: To compare the effectiveness of mobile phone text messaging and that of traditional health worker training in communicating clinical recommendations to health workers in China.


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