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Understanding information needs

Communication Initiative: Ebola Communication and Media

'Theme site on Ebola Communication and Media as a coordinated and independent way to (a) gather and share the knowledge being generated in support of everyone's work and (b) to discuss and debate the best ways forward from a communication and media perspective'.

mHealth: Add Up the Issues in Scale Up

Though hundreds of mHealth pilots have been developed, there is not a broad understanding of how to scale up mHealth projects.Scaling up generally means “more.” But more what? Scaling health services can bring more inputs (funds and staff), outputs (access to and range of services), quality, efficiency, outcomes (coverage or utilization) or impact (morbidity or mortality). [1] Scalability should be considered from the start of a mHealth project. [2] Various frameworks and overviews focus on mHealth scale up, each covering its own concepts.

World Mental Health Day 2014, theme Living with Schizophrenia (2)

It is still so obvious that there is a huge  need  for mental health professionals to be informed and educated about best practices on the management of schizophrenia. Moreover, capacity building and training taking into acount EBM/EBT is fundamental as well. I believe that  access to accurate information builds competence and professionalism.

Ebola: Creating Community Resilience

In a joint statement released this week, 34 NGOs came together to respond to the epidemic. As part of that statement, six key ways that the international community can respond were outlined. One of those referred to the importance of community mobilisation:

Galvanizing Commitment to Universal Health Coverage - Results from the 3rd Global Forum on Human Resources for Health (HRH)

It isn’t often that one gets two conferences in one; but the well-attended pre-conference side sessions at the Third Global Forum on HRH held in Recife, Brazil provided such an opportunity. The topic of particular interest to me was how support for community health workers (CHWs) and primary health care (PHC) systems could be better coordinated to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, scale up access to PHC and finally move toward Universal Health Coverage (UHC).


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