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I don't know how we can go beyond journals. In addition to the fact that journals fulfil a limited need, many African health practitioners are too overwhelmed to seat down and write an article on their daily experiences & tie this with broad health literature. If we limit knowledge sharing to journals and their rigorous reviewing processes, we miss a lot of real-time 'truths'. Emphasis on journals suggest the written word is the only way knowledge about health issues can travel. The Research to Policy to Practice approach can actually start the other way: Practice to Policy to Research because a lot of knowledge and wisdom, that may not be easy to express through a journal, is experienced daily by health workers in grassroots health centres where local communities think a doctor can cure almost every disease/ailment yet some issues may relate to nutrition, sanitation, etc.

I also think it's more than just health but connecting science with grassroots communities

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Friday, January 19, 2018
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Charles Dhewa
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 Charles Dhewa is the Chief Executive Officer of Knowledge Transfer Africa (Pvt) Ltd based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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