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Allowing moms to self-weigh babies in BF support group

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I oblige to thank Prof. Nicholas Cunningham, for reminding us the important issues of growth chart and Road to Health.

We have initiated growth chart issuing for children aged 0-5 years old in two copies. One copy be kept with the CHW (BEHVARZ), in Health House (Khaneh Behdasht), and one copy with child's mother. At the beginning we had some problems of losing the chart by mother due to poor housing situation. But later on when they have been trained properly by CHWs that the slope of road to health is a guarantee for their children's health, they rarely lost it. Some of the mothers were saying that we will take care of the growth chart like our Marriage Certificate.  Even some mothers who their children did not grow well were trying to learn from successful mothers and  follow the food pattern which they were given to their children. Need less to say that in this regard CHWs were the facilitators. Now days about 40 million population are covered by more than 20,000 Health House staffed by CHWs, where all of the children 0-5 years old are having growth child. Therefore their nutritional status either malnourished or over weight easily could be monitored.

It should be mentioned here that the most difficult part of training program for CHWs was growth chart. Therefor CHWs trainers/ instructors should make sure that growth chart is well understood and practiced by CHWs. 

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Thursday, February 15, 2018
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Mohammad Ali Barzegar
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Mohammad Ali Barzegar is an initiator of Primary Health Care in Iran since 1971, and Representative of People's Health Movement (PHM) Iran. His interest include 45 years of national & international experiences on PHC, Sustainable Development and Public Health. 

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