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Awareness of hepatitis among health workers and the general public

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In the near future, Hepatitis C virus could be the most noteworthy morbidity effector and a menace to the global health because of its insidious and pernicious evolution and of its costly treatment which is not within the reach of all sectors of the society. Natural history of this disease is intricate and not well understood. Health workers in low income countries identify hepatitis by symptoms and clinical signs but do not distinguish different types of hepatitis. Without specific antiviral treatment, which is very costly and hardly affordable by the low-income country citizens, HCV-related mortality is expected to triple in the next 10 years.
Unlike sustainable highly motivated AIDS programmes, hepatitis prevention programmes are at its infancy; hepatitis is not considered as an urgent health problem; people in general and certain health workers are not aware of the potential danger and complications which can be caused by this group of disease. It is not too late, before the arrival of massive insidious hepatitis cases, that health policy planners and administrators organise awareness campaigns without neglecting the basic community structures of the social organisation. Present economic crisis will not help to make better the situation and appropriate health education at school level may be a solution.

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Monday, July 18, 2011
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M. G. Siriwardana
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