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BBC article: "Trust your doctor, not Wikipedia, say scientists" (7) Mayo Clinic website

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Here is the most definitive and current health information that could be accessed by all from any locations.  The Mayo Clinic homepage for diseases and conditions is now being checked by almost all hospitals and the public in the USA.  Most importantly, it is free and accurate. Here is the link:
When in doubt, check the Mayo Clinic.
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Thursday, May 29, 2014
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Enku Kebede-Francis
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University or training college
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HIFA profile: Enku Kebede-Francis is a Assistant Professor/Visiting Scientist, Tufts University - HNRCA, and Visiting Scholar,Tufts University SOE . Professional interests: Primary healthcare for all. Enku would like to promote primary healthcare for all as a right not a privilege. enkukebede AT

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