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CHWs (158) Community Health Workers' symposium statement

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CHW's are unique in the provision of community based health care in that ideally, they, like the Greek god Janus, are two faced...but  in a positive, not a pejorative sense. CHW's should answer both to the community that they serve, and to the health professionals with whom they serve.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017
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Nicholas Cunningham
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HIFA profile: Nicholas Cunningham is Emeritus Professor of Clinical Pediatrics & Clinical Public Health at Columbia University, New York, USA. He is interested in International Primary Maternal and Child Health Care, community owned, professionally overseen, and supported by $/power interests, encorporating integrated cure/prevention, midwifery/child care, child saving/child spacing, nutrition/infection, health/education (especially female), monitored but not evaluated for at least 5-10 years, based on methods pioneered by David Morley at Imesi (Nigeria) and by the Aroles at the Jamkhed villages in Maharashtra State in India. Totatot AT

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