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Commercialization of traditional medicine and Universal Health Coverage (8) Regulation of health care (3)

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Herbal medicine has been accepted as a component of global health. The current investment going into research and development of herbal products is unprecedented. It is very sad to note that in country like Nigeria where over 80% of her population relies on herbs for daily health needs, only few of such herbs have been validated using research. In a recent study conducted in Ibadan, it was discovered that of the herbal products evaluated, only about 20% of the products were validated using clinical trial. In spite of this, over 80% of the manufacturers made various treatment claims.

The Alma Ata declaration on Primary health care made provision for health needs of individuals be met using resources closest to them and at a cost which they could afford.  In UK especially Germany, herbal medicine has been well integrated into the nation’s health system. Since herbal products are regulated as conventional drugs following strict adherence to cGMP and GCP regulations, Physicians often prescribe such products for their patients.  My advice to Scientists from Nigeria is that it is our responsibility to use evidence based science to develop the herbal products which are ingenious to the people.  We should not be indifferent to this fact while many keep going down with various organ failures secondary to poor regulatory environment.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018
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Augustine Anayochukwu Onyeaghala
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Augustine Onyeaghala is a Biomedical Scientist, Clinical Research Scientist, Quality Assurance Professional and Author. He had Post Graduate Degrees MSc and PhD in Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Research respectively. His areas of specialization are Herbal Medicine, drug development, clinical and translational research.   He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria.  His current research interests are translating the findings from Herbal Medicine research to human applications, regulatory science and quality assurance.

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