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Doctoori: Arabic Health Information

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A few years back as part of my public health work at LSHTM I had been surprised by the general standard of health information in the Arabic language. Quality and reliability were key issues for me. However the accessibility of this information for the ordinary person or patient in these mainly developing countries was the critical issue. There is lots of research that points to this.

As such through its syndicated partnership with NHS Choices is now on the accreditation programme of The Information Standard - NHS England’s mark of quality. Our UK based team have quality, reliability and accessibility at the core of it’s mission to bring the best in health , wellbeing information , along with interactive tools to the Arab world.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013
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Zain Sikafi
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HIFA profile: Zain Sikafi is CEO and Founder of  - a groundbreaking health information and well-being portal in the Arabic language. info AT
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