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Don't you predict more HIV infections in Africa caused by the Pope's visit? (10)

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I agree that promoting the use of condoms and allowing access to these is important. However, to think that this is THE solution is surely risky. When saying that safe sex is the only way, we forget that individuals are not dichotomous in their actions. They do not either practice safe sex or not 100% of the time, and even those with the best intentions and the highest degree of motivation make mistakes from time to time. The UK government thought that increasing sex education in schools and promoting condom use would reduce teenage pregnancy rates and they were wrong. Why? It is though that they caused an increase in the number of sexual acts including the number of condoms being used, however this has increased the number of unsafe acts and therefore teenage pregnancy rates continue to rise. If the UK can't solve their problem with condoms and education, I would careful about making bold statements either way with respect to African culture. Promoting abstinence, promoting access and use of condoms and reducing promiscuity - Are these not all reasonable approaches? Do we have to pick just one or can we appreciate that all these aspects can work together to reduce the spread of STDs?

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
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Alastair Buick
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