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Don't you predict more HIV infections in Africa caused by the Pope's visit? (12)

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Thank you for the response on the discussion on the pope's statements on condom use. What you pointed out is very important, don't JUST promote condoms. Though I think all colleagues who have been responding do not just promote condoms. The general used way to educate on STD/HIV prevention in Africa (and I believe in other regions of the world too) is the ABC method. Abstinence and Being faithful come first and are very important, a lot of focus is given to that. If people can not stick to A and B, then go to C: the condom use. The pope states, only A and B are possible, there is no other way. Unfortunately many sexual active people don't just stick to only sex after marriage and being faithful. For these people condoms are a solution to reduce the risk to HIV infection. Education in schools can be very useful. In Tanzania where I was working, there are 2 very popular magazines (Cheza salama = sleep peaceful/ have safe sex and Femina) distributed to school children (but also extremely popular for adults). In these magazines many sexual issues are discussed, also the importance of abstinence and being faithful, next to condom use. In many schools girls "virgin"-groups were set up: no sex, girls were coming together to strengthen each other to say no to boys (and teachers).

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Friday, March 27, 2009
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Maaike Flinkenflogel
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