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Don't you predict more HIV infections in Africa caused by the Pope's visit? (7)

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It is so sad for Africa. I know our folks in Africa relatively well and you will be surprised what such a message can do to our God-fearing faith communities. They treat the Pope as a small god and will not be swayed by "...little doctors who were born yesterday" about condom use, as I have been told several times by elderly folks who believe that "...condoms are for prostitutes" and that "...AIDS affects worldly people. There is no AIDS in my church!" This is said by so many faith community leaders in Africa. We even had HIV positive clients who faithfully "...shared..." their burden with their pastors, believing that their ministers had hearts like Jesus, only to be told to quietly leave the church as it will be "...a scandal for the church if the congregation hears about this!"Despite the pastors saying that there is " AIDS in my church. We are Christians..." the same pastors are busy conducting funerals services and burials of their congregation members who died of "...long illnesses!" They are even involved in bereavement counselling.It is either these pastors or faith community leaders are not telling the truth or they are being dishonest.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
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Edwin Mavunika Mapara
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