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Evidence-informed country-level policymaking (31) Cochrane Collaboration: Creating a culture of evidence-based health

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The Brazilian Cochrane Center has been producing high quality systematic reviews for the Brazilian Ministry of Health ever since the late 1990s. These reviews have helped government officials decide what medicines or what devices to buy for the national health system and have helped to save millions of dollars of public money...

Of course, it is essential to first introduce and "train" government officials to understand the principles of Evidence-Based Healthcare and the potential benefits that it can bring them, in terms of improved health outcomes for the population (good to get votes!) and also financial savings (that can be invested in other projects)…

Politicians have changed over the years but the team of trained technical officers working inside the Ministry of Health is increasing and improving. And the changes in the use of evidence-informed national health policy have been evident. It is important not to get discouraged with the inevitable barriers and problems that will appear, but to think in terms of long term goals and the creation of a "culture of EBH" within the governments...


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Monday, March 7, 2016
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Maria Regina Torloni
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HIFA profile: Maria Regina Torloni is a MD and a PhD at the Sao Paulo Federal University and the Brazilian Cochrane Center. Professional interests: Reproductive health, Evidence-based healthcare, Perinatal medicine, Systematic Reviews, Obesity, Diabetes in Pregnancy.   ginecologia AT
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