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Facebook launches mobile app in Zambia with free Internet access (3) Meeting the information needs of extension health workers in Ethiopia

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 I am currently in Ethiopia, where the Ministry of Health is working with IBM to develop content and connectivity so that (among others) 38,000 extension health workers can have access to health information via mobile telephony. With WHO support, I am working on the knowledge management end of this project. We're just beginning, but it is clear that the issues are both finding an appropriate technical solution and tailoring the right content for the job.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014
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Chris Zielinski
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HIFA profile: Chris Zielinski held senior positions at the World Health Organization for 15 years, at the Geneva headquarters and in the regional offices in Brazzaville (establishing the African Health Observatory), Alexandria, and New Delhi, and earlier in other UN-system organizations - working in translation, editing, publishing, knowledge mmanagement, and intellectual property. He was also Chief Executive of the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society (providing copyright monies to British writers). Chris was the founder of the ExtraMED project (Third World biomedical journals on CD-ROM), and managed the Gates Foundation-supported Health Information Centres project. With interests in ethics (information, computer and bioethics), Chris has edited numerous books and journals. He left WHO in December 2012, current projects include reviving the International Alliance on Information for All, writing a travel book called Afreekinout, and building houses in Zambia. chris AT
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