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Regarding the health education and smoking project, it was a project with primary school children of standards 3 & 4, i.e children aged between 7 & 8. It dates back as far as 1990. The title of the project was "Prevention of onset of smoking in school children". It was a joint project between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education in 1990. Several schools were selected for that purpose. Audiovisual and print materials including a Teacher's handbook were produced for use in the implementation of the project.

I was directly involved in its implementation in some schools. A circular letter was sent to the selected schools inviting the teachers to work with their pupils in preparing pictures/drawings on the ill effects of cigarette smoking. I still remembered that when I entered a classroom, some children were wearing dress in the form of a healthy lung and others with diseased lung. Each child had an opportunity to participate in the project and was therefore sensitised to some extent on the ill effects of cigarette smoking. The common messages were:
- Cigarette smoking is bad for health
- My father does not smoke at home
- We will never smoke - a sort of a pledge by young school children

All children who participated in the project received as a small token stickers with animal cartoons to be fixed on their school bags. The above statements are just a vague remembrance of what we did during that time and with limited resources on the issue of child to child education on smoking. Once I succeed to retrieve the original textbook for that project, I will be able to share with you more precised information.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
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Shakeel Panchoo
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