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Health education through school children (3)

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We have a health program at the university called health teaching and health education whereby nurses, community health workers, midwives and medical asistants come to train to become teachers and health promoters. We have access to our local primary school and high school and we have found that the child to child education can only work if the following are in place:

- The teachers need to take some health courses (health promotion, public health and or health education) so they too are aware of the importance of educating children and of child to child education. Because children look up to their teachers, it is very positive and encouraging for the child to child education to be carried out.
- The child needs to be commended by the teacher for the efforts they take to educate other children. Parent's too needs to also be involved in health activities in all settings. Our university had for the first time taken a group of primary school teachers and they were required to take a health course, and we had them take health promotion.

It was from this experience that we found that when teachers are involved, it helps them to understand the need for child to child education and to be supportive to children who are involved and the need to encourage them to continue. Our entry point is through the microteaching practicum to all primary schools affiliated with the university, we also go to schools in the villages and communities where we have our students go for their maternal and child health community outreach programs as well as the health promotion healthy village practicum.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009
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Lillian Siwi
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