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Health Information Access in conflict areas or during emergencies

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For a couple of years I have found myself in a dilemma while working on information management during disease outbreaks, in conflicts areas or during emergencies.
Setting a reporting system amid insecurity, high mortality/morbidity or other calamities proves to be an uphill task. You end up using any scanty information you get which might end up misleading the planners or implementers of interventions on the ground which may hamper the life-saving efforts. Another issue is to verify/validate whatever information you've received from the field.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
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Beatrice Muraguri
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Beatrice Muraguri is a Health Information/Public Health Specialist with the Ministry of Health, Kenya. She previously worked as an Information Management Consultant with WHO on the Ebola Outbreak Response, Freetown, Sierra Leone. She is a HIFA Country Representative

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