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Health Information Access in conflict areas or during emergencies (3) AMREF, CHWs and data collection

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Amref Health Africa has developed a mobile app that has in it the Ministry of Health household data collection tools that CHWs are tasked to use. The app works on line and off line allowing CHVs in hard to reach or poor network areas to still collect data. The CHWs can therefore collect data with their own mobile phone and only need to use bundles/ internet connection to allow the data to be transmitted to the DHIS. This has seen a significant improvement in data collection, quality of data and reduced cost of printing data collection tools as well as
costs CHWs would normally incur in having to deliver hard copies of data collection tools to facilities.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Frasia Karua
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Frasia Karua is a Health Systems lead in Kenya.

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