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HealthPhone: Laying the Foundation for Combating Malnutrition in India (3)

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Malnutrition remains a major threat to the survival, growth and development of children. In response to this major challenge, and one of the key decisions of Prime Minister's Council on India's Nutrition Challenges, Ministry of Women and Child Development prepared an Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign against malnutrition. The overall objective of this nationwide IEC campaign against malnutrition is to address issues of status of women, the care of pregnant mothers and children under two, breastfeeding and the importance of balanced nutrition and health. The nationwide campaign has been designed in 18 different languages. The media mix includes television, radio, electronic print, outdoor and digital media besides the traditional methods of folk and field publicity.
The Media campaign has four stages:
Stage 1 - Create Awareness: About the symptoms and alarming consequences of malnutrition
Stage 2 - Clarion Call: Encouraging the masses to come together to take a pledge to fight malnutrition
Stage 3 - Action to prevent malnutrition: Simple things you can do to prevent malnutrition
Stage 4 - Mother & Child Protection Card: A simple yet powerful card that helps you to consistently monitor the nutrition and growth of your child
HealthPhone is collaborating with the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India and UNICEF by making these videos more widely available on mobile phones, PCs and tablets to the population at large.
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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Nand Wadhwani
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HIFA profile: Nand Wadhwani is a Founding Trustee of The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust (MCHET) . Over the past 15 years he has launched several programmes to address the challenge of improving health education in underdeveloped countries. MCHET works primarily in the areas of mother and child nutrition, water, hygiene, sanitation and diarrhoea prevention and management. Nand firmly believes that the most effective and efficient way to advance health education is by employing a mix of established and newer communication technologies to deliver contextually-appropriate messages directly to the people who need it most. He is presently working on the development of HealthPhone, an illiterate-friendly mobile phone app. with preloaded, reliable, relevant health and nutrition material in various formats and that will initially be offered in English and several other languages. Using rich multimedia, HealthPhone will put life-saving and life-changing content directly in the hands of those who can use it in an accessible format and with 24x7 availability, everywhere. He is a HIFA2015 Steering Group member and a member of the HIFA 2012 Challenge Working Group. nand AT

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