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HIV and AIDS. The 10 top messages for children (3)

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I live in Lesotho in a rural area where the incidence of HIV/AIDs is high. I work with the children of our valley. Education of any sort on HIV/AIDs related topics is very poor. I am starting a children's centre where I hope among other things to provide children with relevant, useful information such as the information outlined below....

Some feedback on this mail, which I think is a very important one: difficult to translate) are way above a level that most primary school children in my area would be able to read and understand. Are these meant to be 'versioned' by people like us, or do we have to use them as they stand?



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Sunday, December 29, 2013
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Marion Drew
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Marion Drew works with the Malealea Development Trust in Lesotho. mariondrew AT

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