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How can health research from LMICs be made more accessible? (15) Cochrane

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Cochrane fully supports the call for making health research from low and middle income countries more accessible... In our philosophy all research should be accessible, no matter by whom it is produced. Therefore, we are working towards the goal of achieving universal open access to new and updated Cochrane Reviews by the end of our current strategic plan, Strategy to 2020. Our plan for reaching this goal includes a process for providing open access immediately upon publication for both new and updated reviews, and later for our substantial archive of published reviews. All HINARI A and B countries already have open access to the Cochrane Library which meant that at the end of 2015, 3,77 billion people in 149 countries had access to all information in the Library. By 2020 this will have been expanded to cover the entire world.

In addition, we invest major time and resources in making sure people can read and understand the information provided through the Cochrane Library. We translate key information into Spanish, French, German, and 10 other languages, including languages spoken in LMICs (for example Tamil and Malay). We also create research products, such as lay summaries, podcasts, videos, blogposts, and so forth, that increase the visibility of our research and can facilitate research uptake.

However, we recognize that too few researchers based in LMICs contribute to the production of Cochrane Systematic Reviews. This needs to change, and we are making significant efforts to do so. We now have 11 Cochrane Centres or Branches in LMICs...

Other activities we undertake to increase contributions from researchers based in LMICs:

- We have launched a new training website, making training for researchers anywhere in the world more accessible;

- We have established the Cochrane Africa Network aiming at strengthening capacity for the conduct and use of systematic reviews in Africa;...



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Thursday, June 16, 2016
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Sylvia de Haan
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HIFA profile: Sylvia de Haan is Partnerships Coordinator at Cochrane, and is based in Switzerland. Email address: sdehaan AT 

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