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How can health research from LMICs be made more accessible? (6)

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Glazsiou & Chalmers noted the following in relation to global health research:
1. 'We know from follow up of registered clinical trials that about 50% are never published in full, a figure which varies little across countries, size of study, funding source, or phase of trial.' This begs two questions: What percentage of *all* health research (clinical trials plus non-trial health research) is published? And what percentage of health research in LMICs (whether clinical trials or otherwise) is published.
2. 'Published reports of research must also be sufficiently clear, complete, and accurate for others to interpret, use, or replicate the research correctly. But again, at least 50% of published reports do not meet these requirements'. This is the estimated percentage for global health research. What is the percentage for research undertaken in LMICs?
3. There is also the partial waste (not included in Glazsiou & Chalmers analysis) that results from publishing in journals that are inaccessible. For example, any paper published in a restricted-access journal immediately restricts access to the content. In this respect, what percentage of research from LMICs is published in open-access versus restricted-access journals? Also, if a journal is not indexed by major indexes such as Medline (which has been charged with having a bias against research in LMICs, and against non-English journals), this will further reduce the accessibility of research.
Percentage waste of funding for health research in LMICs is therefore possibly even worse than in other parts of the world. 

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Sunday, June 12, 2016
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Neil Pakenham-Walsh
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